Feeling a Pilgrim

The pilgrimage is one of the oldest gestures of mankind. Again and again man begins the journey to quit the habit of daily life, to distance itself from the usual things, to become free. Pilgrimage is their simplicity that accepts our condition as pilgrims. We can truly experience something "else" only when we become different and live in another


way: if, in the simplicity of faith, we will return to be intimately pilgrims, men in the fireplace. Becoming pilgrims, we have the opportunity to enjoy even more of what the tourism research: the other, detachment from things, freedom, a deeper encounter with reality and with the people. Only then this pilgrimage will become an experience great and durable.


Being a pilgrim: Take me by the hand (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Take me by the hand.
We will walk.
We will walk only.
It will be nice to walk together.
Without thinking to get somewhere.
Walk in peace.
Walk in joy.
Ours is a journey of peace.
Then learn
that there is no way to peace;
walking is peace;
there is a path of joy;


walking is a joy.
We walk for ourselves.
We walk for everyone
always hand in hand.
Walk and touch peace every moment.
Walk and touch happiness every moment.
Each step is a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom under our feet.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Impress upon the earth your love and your joy.
The land will be safe
if there is no security in us


The backpack of the pilgrim

It is always very difficult to give advice on what to bring on the Way. All are more or less agree that you have to carry only the bare minimum, but then everyone interprets this concept in very different ways. Those with experience already knows what to bring and what to leave at home. The following list is meant to be only a starting point for those who have no experience and do not know how to behave. We invite you


anyway I strongly do not take this list to the letter, because wants to be just a starting point. You will probably find it unnecessary things and miss others are important to you. The roads through villages and towns, where you can buy the one that eventually would serve along the way.
We remind air travelers to be careful not to bring prohibited items in hand luggage (boxcutter, nail clippers, liquids, creams )


Tips: "In everything perfection is reached not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to eliminate."

• Backpack
* Backpack 40 liter well tested. The capacity of the pack varies mainly on height and weight . On average, the weight of the backpack load should not be more than 10 % of body weight .
* 1 waterproof rain cover

• A pouch to put :
* Identity Card
* European ATM
* Credit Card, excellent rechargeable cards
* Credential
* Health cards
* Coin purse with money for daily expenses
* Tissues
* Sunglasses

• To walk :
* 2 adjustable hiking poles or wooden stick
* 1 water bottle from about 0.75 l ( may be replaced with plastic bottles of half liter to fill from time to time
* For the cold season may be useful 1 Aluminum water bottle 0,75 l with screw cap for hot drinks
* 1 headlamp with spare batteries ,
* 1 hand lamp ( penlight ) small pocket ,
* 1 normal watch or technical

• Clothes. In addition to what you wear :
* Low Hiking Shoes for summer and high for the colder season ( well-tested )
* Hiking Sandals : these are optional , but useful for alternate them with the boots in case of need during the hot season ,
* 2 pairs of socks for hiking,
* 1 wide-brimmed hat and bandana,
* 1 waterproof poncho
* Waterproof jacket ,
* 2 long pants (or extending ) from hiking, * 1 shirt in technical fabric
* 2 t-shirts in technical fabric.
* 3 pairs of pants in cotton or microfiber.
* 1 lightweight fleece

• In the colder season , it is best to add :
* 1 pair gaiters low ( in the coldest season to shelter from puddles and mud ) ,
* Fleece Beanie with ear covers and / or bandana fleece ,
* 1 pair of gloves , windproof ,
* 1 technical jacket windproof / waterproof winter .
* 1 pair of sunglasses * 2 pairs shirts techniques hiking the cold season,
* 1 long-sleeved technical shirt ,
* 1 night for microfleece tights (optional),
* Bulkier clothing can be placed in plastic bags for clothes compressible ( without air )


• Cleaning staff
* 1 pack solid or liquid Marseille soap (you can use for bathing and doing laundry )
* 1 toothpaste and toothbrush
* 2 disposable razors (for men )
* 1 type liquid cream Prep (recommended also serves to redness from wind and sunburn )
* 2 microfiber towels small ,
* 1 pair of scissors and nail file
* 1 flip flops for shower

• First Aid
* Small bag of first aid measures with various patches , patch roll , gauze, gauze roll , small bags , disinfectants, small scissors and tweezers.
In the market you will find small first aid kit that you can add a small bottle of betadine and bandages for blisters (type Compeed ) .
* To treat blistering plasters for blisters specific , set of needles and 1 small spool of white thread

• Medicines ( recommended) :
* Analgesic ( 1 blister )
* Tylenol ( 1 blister )
* Aspirin ( 1 blister )
* Imodium ( 1 pack tablets )
* 1 box of Vaseline or emollient cream for the feet,
* Sunscreen with a high protection for the summer .

• Food escort ( optional)
* Some bags : instant coffee , tea, sugar and salt;
* Energy bars, bag of nuts, candy honey and / or vitamins.

• Miscellaneous
* 1 small emergency sewing kit
* 1 - cup glass metal for hot drinks,
* 1 glass plastic rubber retractable
* 1 Swiss boxcutter type with travel cutlery ( attention to any airport controls ! )
* 1 waterproof plastic card holder , for maps and descriptive Way,
* 1 notebook,
* 1 small notebook ,
* 1 pen ,
* 1 pencil with eraser to erase ,
* 1 Guide the Way,
* 1 map in scale :
* 1 compact camera , with enough spare memory cards , spare batteries and / or rechargeable
* mobile phone charger (any adapters)
*1 MP3 player with music (optional).


Walking can 'be joy or suffering, or more. For me walking is :
to rediscover the joy of a sip of water from a fountain